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Advanced Disk Space Monitor Overview

Advanced Disk Space Monitor is an essential piece of software for system administrators who wish to remotely monitor disk space on servers and high-performance workstations. This is the perfect solution to avoid unexpected lack of disk space on systems with growing logs, enlarging databases, data backups, caching data, web servers, etc.

Advanced Disk Space Monitor Current version: 4.07
Release date: September 23, 2020
System requirements: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Windows Server 


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Advanced Disk Space Monitor is not only useful for system administrators. It is also an essential tool for those that work extensively with a large number of files. It is ideal for users who frequently record and edit video and audio or process photos and create high-quality graphics. It is often the case that disk space runs out at the most inappropriate moment, leading to a risk of lost work. And this is not the only problem - insufficient space on the system disk may result in an unstable operating system.

Main features:

    Can be run as a service (preferred for servers)
    Email notifications (with SSL/TLS support) 
    Sound notifications
    Balloon message notifications
    Ability to disable Windows warning messages

Features in detail:

Can be run as a service
Server Edition provides the functionality to configure Advanced Disk Space Monitor to run as a service, so that you do not need to keep your server logged in all the time.

Email notifications
The program can be configured to send email reports detailing free space on the selected disks. You can arrange data columns in any order and exclude the columns you do not require. Supports SMTP and secure SSL/TLS connections.

Sound notifications
Supported formats include Wav and mp3 audio files.

In addition to notifications, Advanced Disk Space Monitor can automatically execute tasks, such as running applications and opening files.

Balloon message notifications
When available disk space has reached the specified limit, the program displays a warning similar to a Windows warning.

Ability to disable Windows warning messages
If you no longer require system messages about the lack of free disk space, they can be disabled. 


You can try it all right now!
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Latest news


September 23, 2020

Version 4.07 is released:
Fixed issue that might prevent service from starting. (Windows 10, version 20h1 and later.)

September 19, 2020

Version 4.06 is released:
1. Fixed problem with monitoring petabyte volumes.
2. Minor interface improvements.

June 29, 2016

Version 4.05 is released:
1. Improved email module, fixed issue when the program unable to establish a connection with some mail servers.
2. Fixed incorrect displaying of free space on the folders with quota.
3. Added support for high-resolution monitors (high-DPI scaling).
4. Fixed some flaws in reports.
5. Updated HTML format of the reports.
6. Optimized layout of email settings.
7. Other minor interface changes.

August 12, 2013

Abaiko Disk Space Monitor is discontinued.
The server and desktop editions are combined into a single solution: Advanced Disk Space Monitor.

Version 4.0 is released.
1. Added support for Terabytes (TB) and Petabytes (PB).
2. Added ability to edit subject of email reports.
3. Minor improvements in email reports.
4. Improved disk list.
5. Improved service installation and uninstallation.
6. Fixed bug disabling automatic startup with Windows.
7. Fixed issue causing "Send test email" button to become permanently disabled.
8. Changed names of some interface items.
9. Changed main icon and system tray icons.
10. Floppy disks and CDs are no longer supported.


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